10 Most Protected People in The World [2020]

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welcome back to another top 10 Article!

This one is going to be super interesting for all those who love to keep an eye out for the lifestyle of millionaires and billionaires.

Have you ever looked at a high profile person moving along with their bodyguard and thought : “I wonder what the net worth of that person is and how much do they spend on security?”

Well, today we will be counting down the 10 most protected people in the world in 2020!

10. Beyonce and Jay-Z

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This one is for the music and rap lovers! Did you know that the security for Beyonce is transformed into five personal security guards, all former Intelligent Agents who travel with beyonce?

Also extra manpower plus two bomb-proof latvia suvs which cost the couple four million dollars!

This all happened after the incident in which one of the fans created a bit of a scene by pushing beyonce off the stage during her performance in brazil. Moreover, beyonce and jay-z hired a 500 strong security team for the tour!

9. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

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As the royal couple announced to leave the royal duties, so now Prince Harry and Megan have been living at Tyler Perry’s 22 acres beverly Hills mansion.

The Royal Couple is on the hunt for permanent residence, so one of the hottest topics was that how much security would it cost for the couple?

Many have theorized on the security of Harry and his family ranging from as low as 1.7 million dollars to as high as 30 million dollars.

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