15 Fastest Cars of The 60s and 70s


When you have a need for pure speed, these next 15 classic muscle cars are what you turn to. These are the fastest powerful cars from the vintage era of muscle – the 1960s and 1970s! You’re embarking on a trip down memory lane, so buckle up.

15. 1971 Plymouth Road Runner

fastest american muscle cars 1971_plymouth_road_runner

This Plymouth Road Runner was a bit different from other year’s for a few reasons. For starters, the ’71 model features the second-generation production line for the vehicle class. It had a much more rounded type fuselage, which kept it more current with Chrysler body styles and designs at the time.

However, the engine features an 8.7:1 compression from its 383 detuned engine outfitted with hardened exhaust valve seats. Of course, this was the lower engine class. You could opt for the 440+6 426 Hemi if you really wanted some power.

There’s just something about speed and performance that drives us to stand in awe of muscle cars and want them all the more. That’s the case with the ’71 Road Runner, and why they are an undisputed member of the fastest American muscle cars from the 60s and 70s.
ET/MPH 13.71@101.2 – Engine 440 Six BBL – Horsepower 390 – Transmission Automatic – Gear 4.1 – Source CC 1/71

14. 1969 Dodge Dart 440

fastest american muscle cars 1969 dodge dart 440

With the recent resurgence of the Dodge Dart, complete with funny commercials, it’s hard to see the original in there. For that, you have to go back to 1969 and take a look at the two door sedan.

That is a muscle car. In fact, its is one of the fastest American muscle cars ever to grace the roadways of our great nation. There are several reasons for this. For starters, the 440 V8 yielded maximum horsepower and performance.

In addition, the six-cylinder model was outfitted with a carburetor anti-ice system taken from the Canadian market. This meant you could scream down the highway in summer or winter, it mattered not. The Dart was quite popular for its day, and still holds a lot of gravity with classic car enthusiasts. Resurrected from an old Italian Fiat compact car, it’s amazing to see what Dodge was able to accomplish with their reincarnation through the late 60s. What they did firmly cemented the Dart as an important piece of Americana as well as one of the most epic muscle cars ever created.

13. 1969 GTX

1969 gtx fastest american muscle cars

The GTX had plenty of speed and performance. Most of this was due to the fact that it was outfitted with Chrysler’s 426 in.³ 7.0 L Hemi engine. They called this engine the “elephant.” However, as much as this one claims a firm seat on the fastest American muscle cars list, it was hurt a bit by the Road Runner. The reason? Well, the road runner was offered as a convertible while the GTX was not.

To that end, Plymouth made a few minor cosmetic changes yet nothing of any substance. In 1969, only 701 of these vehicles were produced, making them a truly rare classic. If you have one, keep it waxed and shiny. You are sitting on a gold mine.

Unless, of course, you’re sitting behind the wheel. Then you’re sitting in one of the fastest cars ever created. Go ahead and hit the gas, we won’t tell!

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