9 Romantic Surprise Ideas That Will Wow Your Partner

8. Take an interest in their favorite hobby.

Even if you’ve never found a personal passion for crocheting or puzzles, taking an interest in your spouse’s favorite hobby—especially if you’ve been resistant to doing so in the past—can be a great way to give them a romantic surprise. “It’s an easy way to show affection and it might also lead to some new and fun experiences!” says Megan Harrison, a relationship therapist in Tampa, Florida. “Chances are you might just like it, and it could even strengthen your connection.”

7. Or write them a love letter.

Putting pen to paper may feel like an antiquated practice in the digital age—and that’s exactly why a handwritten love letter feels like such a thoughtful and surprising gift. “Affirming or validating love and qualities of your spouse can encourage and create a connection in the relationship as well as help during times of stress when a couple is working through challenges,” says psychotherapist and certified relationship coach Babita Spinelli.

6. Pick them up at work.

Whether your spouse had a stressful day at work and could use a chance to blow off steam or they just got a promotion you want to celebrate with them, picking your significant other up at the end of the workday is a romantic surprise they’re sure to love.

“The office or workplace is the last place somebody might expect to see their partner turn up unannounced, so if you really want to surprise your spouse, this is a surefire way to do it right!” Harrison says. “Not only will your partner feel a positive chemical ‘hit’ from the surprise, but you will also really enjoy seeing their reaction too.”

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