10 Best LGBTQ+ Films That Perfectly Portray The Queer Experience

Films can transport, educate and empower. It can make you laugh or cry or leave you speechless. But most important of all is its ability to raise up marginalised voices and experiences to a global audience, such as those that portray an LGBTQ+ narrative.

From ground-breaking classics, such as 1994’s The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, to modern masterpieces likes the modern cult favourite Call Me by Your Name and 2017’s Sundance-smashing Beach Rats, the films on this list cast light on the LGBTQ+ experience from all angles.

Here are the 10 best LGBTQ+ films to watch:

10. The World To Come (2021)

Based on Jim Shepard’s novel of the same name, The World to Come is a story all based on forbidden love in the 19th Century.

In a similar vein to Brokeback Mountain, the narrative focusses on two couples who are neighbours – played by Katherine Waterston, Vanessa Kirby, Christopher Abbott, and Casey Affleck. As the foursome deal with isolation from the outside world, Waterston and Kirby’s characters soon find themselves falling in love with each other.

The film premiered at the Venice International Film Festival in 2020 and won the Queer Lion for best LGBTQ-themed film.

The film was released on February 12 in some theatres, in accordance with international Covid-19 restrictions, and on digital on March 2.

9. Disclosure (2020)

Starring Laverne Cox and several other trans actors, filmmakers and historians, this documentary sees Hollywood figures delve into the TV and film industry’s depiction of the trans community and how their stories have touched American culture and individuals. ‘My own life is such a profound example of what representation can do,’ Cox told the Guardian.

in 2020. ‘We need more trans folks working behind the scenes – directing, producing, below the line positions, just more,’ Cox added. ‘And more representation in positions of power.’

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