10 Amazing Moroccan Spices And How to Use Them

Think Moroccan cooking and your senses will immediately transport you to distinctly aromatic flavors. Thanks to spices from Morocco, anyone can easily tell if a dish is cooking up from across a room.

With its long history of colonization and immigration, Moroccan flavors draw influence from a fusion of cuisines. If you’re well-traveled (or simply a foodie), you might be able to tell that most Morrocan dishes are reminiscent of international tastes—including Arab, Mediterranean, Spanish, and French flavors.

If you’re visiting Morroco, spices are definitely something you want to bring home with you. After all, if you’re lucky enough to land in this rich and exotic country, you will want to prolong your experience—even way after you arrive home. And, what better way to experience a culture than through food?

Here is a Moroccan spices list you can bookmark for your next trip to Morocco.

10. Saffron (Zafrane)

Hailed as the world’s most legendary spice, saffron is easily a global phenomenon when it comes to cooking. Most of the world’s saffron supply comes from very few countries—Morocco included. This said, you can expect to score this spice in Morocco at very affordable prices!

Albeit owning a distinguishable taste, saffron is difficult to describe with words. You might say it is subtly sweet and flamboyant; a small amount of it instantly adds flavor, vibrancy, and aroma to a dish.

Saffron goes well with almost everything—from bouillabaisse to pudding. But if you want to stick with using it as an authentic Moroccan spice, try cooking up a Moroccan saffron chicken.

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