9 Ways to Help Your Tires Last Longer in 2021

It often seems the tires are easy to damage and hard to protect. However, simple care routines and driving modifications can help extend the lifespan of your tires. Try these 9 Ways to help your tires last longer, brought to you by the experts at The Verge.

9. Safe and Steady Driving

We’ve all seen NASCAR races where a driver’s tire tread is constantly depleted or even torn to pieces. The drivers often require multiple sets of tires during the race, even though these are race-worthy performance tires designed for this kind of action. This rapid tire decline is caused by the harsh turbulence that their tires face during the intense driving conditions. 

While you may not be engaging in a NASCAR-worthy commute, the same kind of logic applies to regular tires. The harsher your turns, accelerations, and stops are, the quicker they will deteriorate your tires. You can help keep your tires protected by practicing safe and steady driving practices. If you are prone to more exciting adventures on the road, you can help keep your tires protected by making sure you have performance tires that are created to withstand the action. 

8. Maintaining Proper Tire Pressure

Tire Pressure is one of the most crucial factors to tire protection—as well as one of the easiest to disrupt. Tire pressure can change with temperature, driving conditions, and more. 

  • Over-inflated tires: Overinflation can change the way your tire meets the road—often pushing the center of your tires out further than usual. This will cause heightened and uneven tire wear. High tire pressure can also put your tire at risk for a blowout. 
  • Under-inflated tires: Low tire pressure causes more of your tire surface area to meet the road, which can create sidewall damage and increased tread declination.

It is essential that you regularly check and refill your tires, and make sure that you do not over inflate or under inflate them during each refill. If you run into problems, you can leave this task to the professionals. You may even be able to score free tire recalls. For example, experts at Chapel Hill Tire give you a free tire pressure check and refill during each oil change visit.

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