A Photographer With Vitiligo Captures the Beauty of 12 Women With the Same Condition

Generally, when people see individuals with vitiligo, they see a rare skin condition, but photographer- Elisabeth Van Aalderen sees something different. She sees beauty and positivity in it, so she decided to capture women with the condition on camera and use her photographs to make a statement that says: “Most times, what sets us apart is what makes us beautiful, and most importantly, you can be comfortable in your own skin, regardless of any skin condition.”

The Verge Club was touched by how Elisabeth Van Aalderen was able to bring out the beauty in women with vitiligo through her photographs. And we were inspired to share some of these 12 beautiful pictures with you.

12 . Vitiligo 


is a medical condition that causes skin pigmentation loss. This happens when melanocytes, or the cells that create skin pigment, are destroyed. It can present as patches of white skin on the body.

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